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6.5" Maru Round Plate | Medium | Wasara®

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6.5" Maru Medium Round Sugarcane & Bamboo Plates


Sustainable Tableware | Round Plate | Natural Opaque Design

These DURABLE disposable Plates are made from Eco-Friendly and renewable Sugarcane Bagasse and Bamboo.


          • Disposable
          • Sustainable
          • Weddings
          • Formal
          • Baby Namings
          • Plant-Based
          • Can be Refrigerated and Frozen


WASARA was born from a desire to design tableware that perfectly complements the dishes you serve to create a heartwarming and comfortable setting, all with 100% natural and renewable plant fiber materials. At the foundation of WASARA is a legacy of Japanese aesthetics and values: traditional craftsmanship based on incomparable technical skill, one of the most refined food cultures in the world, and a spirit placing utmost importance on hospitality and courtesy to others. WASARA tableware embodies everything essential for an enriched and fulfilling life. 

6.5" Maru Round Plates | Medium | Sustainable | Wasara®
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