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Vanguard™ Regalia™ Renewable & Compostable | Lined Sugarcane Half Pans | 4-Cmpt | 13" x 10" x 3"

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13" x 10" x 3" | Vanguard™ Regalia™ | Four Compartment Catering Trays


Half Pan Compostable Fiber Catering Pan | PLA Lined | No Added PFAS

The Vanguard™ offering is a ground-breaking and award-winning line of molded fiber plates and containers. Using proprietary alternative compounds to achieve grease-resistance performance without relying on conventional PFAS,* Vanguard™ demonstrates the continued commitment to choice and innovation in foodservice packaging.

    Durable and opaque in design, these disposable trays are made from plant fiber & lined with commercially compostable PLA. Eco-Products® half sheet four compartment fiber catering pans are made from renewable and reclaimed sugarcane fiber, a rapidly renewable resource. They have a bio-based lining, and contain no added PFAS. The bio-based lining prevents the leaking of oil and moisture to combat grease and moisture. These pans are soak-proof and work well for hot and cold food items. A perfect catering pan for storing, transporting, and serving appetizers, entrees, sides, and desserts. Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI®) Certified Compostable to compost within 100 days in a commercial composting facility, where available.



    -Microwave Safe
    -Can be Refrigerated and Frozen
    -Made from Plants
    -No Added PFAS
    -Great For Delivery and Takeout or To-Go
    -Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI®) Certified Compostable


      Disposable design for food service catering in...


      -School Parties
      -Graduation Parties
      -Office Parties
      -Company Picnics
      -& Many More!


        **Lids are Sold Separately**