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Tru Earth®

Tru Earth 4-pack Wool Dryer Balls | Reusable | 100% Sheep Wool

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These premium Tru Earth Wool Dryer Balls contain no synthetic materials and are 100% Wool.  These are the perfect alternative to using synthetic fabric softeners or dryer sheets that are bad for our planet. They improve the airflow in your dryer to absorb the moisture from your laundry!  Not only will these shorten the time it takes to dry your clothing, but they will also reduce the energy needed to dry your clothing and help to extend the life of your favorite clothing items! 


  • Eco-Friendly
  • Softens your Laundry!
  • 100% Sheep Wool from New Zealand
  • Each Ball can be reused for more than 1000 loads
  • Prevents Static Cling
  • Dry your Laundry Faster and waste less!
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Great for Baby clothing!



Place dryer balls in the dryer with wet laundry. Turn on the dryer, and watch your laundry dry faster while getting softer.  The more balls you use, the faster your laundry will dry!