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Green Heritage®

Green Heritage® Pro Compostable Toilet Paper (Pack of 24)

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Where To Buy Eco-Friendly Toilet Paper that is Recycled?

You are there! Made from 100% Recycled Fiber

Stay Green and Stock your bathroom with environmentally-friendly products like this Resolute Tissue Green® Heritage Pro Toilet Paper.

  • Made in the USA
  • Soft, White 2-Ply ECO Bathroom Tissue
  • Recycled and sustainably sourced
  • Un-soiled toilet paper is backyard compostable
  • Septic Safe!
  • Approximately 500 Sheets per Roll

This popular 2-Ply toilet tissue contains SFI® Certified fiber. Make it your GREEN alternative to traditional toilet paper today.

  • Meets EPA Standards
  • Rolls Individually Wrapped
  • Made from recycled paper, not harvested trees.

Frequently Asked Questions about Eco-Friendly Toilet Paper:

What makes toilet paper biodegradable?

Toilet paper is biodegradable in sewage systems because is made from natural fibers, which are made of cellulose. In sewage treatment plants, microorganisms are used to break down cellulose. This biological activity is what breaks down the toilet paper.

Is Eco-friendly Toilet Paper the same as Recycled Toilet Paper?

The term "recycled" refers to where the fiber came from that made the toilet paper. Green Heritage toilet paper is made from both pre and post-consumer fiber. Biodegradable means that the toilet paper breaks down through biological processes in the sewage treatment plant.

Is eco-friendly toilet paper compostable?

Many commercial composters will accept unused or un-soiled toilet paper. Commercial composters will not accept any human or animal waste. All soiled tissue should be properly disposed of in a sewage system.