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10" Compostable Paper Straw | Wrapped | Colossal | White

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Eco-Friendly Colossal Plastic Straw Alternative

Clean, durable, and white design, these paper straws are made Eco-Friendly and are compostable.   A design that is great for any occasion!  Disposable straws that will work great for restaurants, cafes, schools, offices, or homes.  They are the perfect straws for your smoothies and milkshakes!  These compostable straws are made from white paper for large drinks & cold drinks. They will break down naturally in both land and marine environments!


  • Eco-friendly alternative to harmful plastic straws
  • Same length & diameter as plastic straws
  • Perfect for large cold drinks
  • Made from natural renewable resources
  • Breaks down naturally
  • Storage temperature 35° to 150°
  • 5-year shelf life
  • Can be refrigerated


    *Use only for cold drinks*