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Tru Earth®

Dish Scrub Brush | Reusable | Bamboo & Agave Fibers

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Reusable Kitchen Brush | Bamboo & Agave Fibers

Plant-Based Brush | Includes 1 Brush | Durable & Natural | Plastic Alternative!

This eco-friendly dishwashing brush is ideal for your green kitchen. It’s the perfect sustainable dish brush to clean your dishes and get rid of stubborn grease. Give love to your dishes with an ergonomic handle brush that will leave your kitchen and the world- clean! This brush will help you to deep clean any stubborn grease or stain while avoiding direct skin contact with the dishes, soap, or water. Get ready to fall in love in a long-term relationship because this organic dish brush is made to last!

  • Eco-Friendly Material 
  • Reusable
  • Durable
  • Includes 1 brush
  • Perfect Plastic Brush Alternative
  • Pairs well with Stain Bar for deep cleaning
  • Brush measures: 2" L x 2" W x 3.25" H

Care Instruction: Wet the brush & rub into dish bar to create a full suds. Scrub dishes.  Repeat as needed to refresh suds. Recommend use with Basic Goods concentrated dish block, but any dish detergent works well.