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Custom Printed Coffee Sleeve | Compostable

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12 oz. Cup (PLA) Plant-Based Corn Cold Cups | BPI® Certified Compostable

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Clear design and durable, these Cold Cups are made from a compostable corn-based resin, made from plants. These convenient and disposable cups will compost in a commercial compost facility within 180 days.  A great alternative to your classic disposable plastic cup!  These 12 oz cups are perfect for all kinds of cold beverages including iced coffee, iced tea, juice, smoothies, beer, and more.  People will appreciate you using sustainable products that can be composted!


  • For Cold Liquid
  • Can be Refrigerated and Frozen!
  • Do NOT Microwave
  • Made from Corn
  • No Added PFAS
  • BPI® Certified Compostable


**Corn plastic begins to melt at 105 degrees F. Please store out of direct sunlight.**