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6.5" Fork Individually Wrapped | White

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Compostable Individually Wrapped Forks | 750 Forks Individually Wrapped Per Case (Bio-Resin)

Compostable Individually Wrapped Fork | BPI® Certified Compostable 

These compostable forks are made from crystallized PLA resin derived from a renewable resource, corn. Compostable cutlery that is BPI® Certified Compostable in approximately 100 days in a properly maintained composting facility. These eco-friendly products are perfect for restaurants, cafeterias, business functions, trade shows, festivals, fairs, catering, and events of any size.

Frequently Asked Questions about Individually Wrapped Forks:

What are these compostable forks individually wrapped in?

These forks are wrapped in a compostable wrapper made from corn resin. The wrapper is very similar to our compostable bags. The wrapper and the fork can both go into the compost collection bin.

What are the best individually wrapped forks?

The best individually wrapped forks are ones that are strong, durable, and eco-friendly. These Jaya individually wrapped forks check all those boxes. They are made from durable CPLA so they hold up to heavy use. They are certified compostable to break down in commercial compost.

Where to buy individually wrapped forks?

You can buy individually wrapped forks right here at Green Paper Products.