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Disposable Pet Waste Bag | Compostable Doggie Bag (Pack of 108)

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Disposable & Compostable Doggie Bags | 18 Bags Per Roll

This bag is 9 x 13 and can work with any traditional dog leash dispensers! It is a durable, Commercially Compostable Eco Pooch Doggie Bag with a heavy gauge design with .6 mil. These Doggie Bags are compostable trash bags made from renewable resources and a compostable polymer-based proprietary resin. They are designed with a star bottom for extra strength. The classic roll design is perfect for any dog poop bag dispenser and meets the needs and requirements of a professional dog walker and the individual consumer concerned about the environment. You can feel great about using a compostable doggie bag for your best friend!

  • Meets the ASTM D6400 standards
  • Not intended for backyard composting.
  • Compostable in under 180 days in Commercial Compost Facilities, which may not be available in your area.
  • While the bags are compostable, not all facilities accept pet waste. Check with your local compost facilities to ensure they accept pet waste.

18 bags = 1 Roll

Pack of 108 = 6 Rolls of 18 bags

Pack of 216 = 12 Rolls of 18 bags

Pack of 432 = 24 Rolls of 18 bags

Pack of 864 = 48 Rolls of 18 bags