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8.5" Compostable Paper Boba Bubble-Tea Straws | Disposable | Bulk | White (Case of 1000)

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Plastic Boba Straw Alternatives
Clean White Design - DURABLE degradable boba straws are made Eco Friendly and recycleable. Please Recycle! These Straws break down naturally in both land and marine envrionments! SKU: ES-PS12
Manufacturer SKU: ES-PS12-W

Diameter 11mm, 7/16"

    • Eco-Frinedly alternative to harmful plastic straws
    • Same Length & Diameter as plastic straws
    • Perfect for Boba Bubble-Tea
    • Made from Natural Renewable Resources
    • Breaks down naturally
    • Backyard or Home Compostable
    • Can be Refrigerated and Frozen

    These straws are great for...
  • Restaurants
  • Schools
  • Takeout & Carryout
  • Parties
  • Cafes