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7 oz Cold Cup | Recycled Plastic | Made in USA (Case of 1000)

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7 oz RPET Cold Cup | Recycled Plastic | Made in the USA

*Lid not Manufactured for this Cup*

This High-Quality Cold Cup is available in various cup sizes with flat or dome lids. EarthChoice® RPET Cups and Lids provide the versatility for a multitude of merchandising options. Whether it's icy cold beverages, on-the-go snacks, ice cream, or breakfast parfaits, this RPET line is your unique menu solution. With a durable, clean, and Clear Design, these Disposable Plastic Cups are made from a minimum of 25% Recycled Drink Bottles. They are Green products that meet the needs and requirements of the food service industry as well as the individual consumer who is concerned about the environment. They are the ideal size for use as a wine sample/tasting cup or yogurt parfaits!

    • Crack Resistant
    • Outstanding Strength
    • Excellent Clarity
    • Sustainable
    • Recyclable
    • Great For Delivery
    • Made in the USA
    • Great For Delivery and Takeout or To-Go
    • Made From A Minimum of 25% Recycled Drink Bottles
    • Can be Refrigerated and Frozen

**This Cold Cup Temperature Range covers -20°F all the way up to 120°F**

Green Product: Biodegradable and compostable products are packaged using a recyclable polyolefin thermoplastic. Please protect our environment by recycling all packaging.