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35 gal Certified Compostable Lawn / Leaf Bag 33"x39" (Roll of 15)

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35 Gallon Lawn/Leaf Bags (135 pcs)
What Size Bag Do I Need?
Width: Circumference of your can divided by 2
Length: Height of your can plus 3 inches Sturdy Design - .85 mil - DURABLE degradable trash bags are made from Eco Friendly bioresin... a renewable resource. BPI® Certified Compostable Plastic Bags - Made in USA Designed for the needs and requirements of the food service industry as well as the individual consumer who is concerned about the environment.
A Green Product and Earth Friendly. 35 Gallon Compostable Trash Bags
SKU: G103
Manufacturer SKU: HB3339-85
  • Will not degrade until composted
  • Non toxic, petroleum free
  • Certified Compostable