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Perfect Stix™

3.5" Wooden Tasting Spoon | Square End | Home Compostable (Pack of 500)

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Disposable Small Wood Tasting Spoons

*Top Seller | Small Wooden Tasting Spoons | Heavy Duty Durable

These spoons won't interfere with the taste of your finely tuned food items. Made from white birch this Eco-friendly wood spoon is perfect for small portion food sampling.

Using a renewable resource, this cutlery is compostable in approximately 180 days in properly maintained compost facilities or in your backyard compost pile.

These Eco-friendly and home compostable small wooden tasting spoons are perfect for restaurants, cafeterias, business functions, trade shows, festivals or fairs, catering, and events of any size.

Wood Tasting Spoon - SKU: GREENSPOON-35