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24 oz Cold Cup | Recycled PET Plastic | Eco-Products®

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24 oz Cold Cup | Recycled Plastic (RPET) | Made by Eco-Products®

24 oz Recycled Plastic Cold Cups | Disposable Cold Cups | Clear & Durable!

Looking for a high-quality Cold Cup and a sustainable alternative to traditional plastic cups? Choosing post-consumer recycled products is one of the best ways to help out the planet without compromising performance. Eco-Products® recycled plastic cups here and are made with up to 30% recycled PET, which helps reduce waste and promote recycling. They're strong, durable, and the clarity beautifully displays your signature beverages.  These durable disposable cups are exactly what you need on a hot day to serve beverages outside.  They can take the heat from the sun, and communicate your enivronmental commitment with the signature BlueStripe™ branding.  These recyclable cold cups are theideal size for use as a wine sample/tasting cup, or for juice at a mid-morning brunch!

  • Excellent Clarity
  • Crack Resistant
  • Great For Delivery
  • Outstanding Strength
  • Great For Delivery and Takeout or To-Go
  • Made From up to 30% Recycled Plastic
  • Can be Refrigerated and Frozen


**This Cold Cup Temperature Range covers -20°F all the way up to 120°F**