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10" Oval Plate | Compostable Sugarcane Fiber | White (Pack of 50)

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10" Oval Plate | Sugarcane Bagasse | Sustainable Tableware Plate

Opaque and durable in design, these disposable Plates are made from Eco-Friendly and renewable Sugarcane Bagasse. Bagasse, a natural byproduct of sugar cane refinement, is the fibrous residue that remains after sugar cane stalks are crushed to extract their juice. The remaining pulp requires minimal processing and ECF (elemental chlorine-free) bleaching to turn it into a woven high-strength paper.

      • Sustainable
      • Plant-Based
      • Microwave Safe
      • Can be Refrigerated and Frozen
      • Impermeable
      • Oil Resistant up to 212° F

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